Cruise Weddings

You had always wanted your wedding to take place amidst the cool blue waters but never thought that it would be true? Well, cruise weddings can be the right answer to your wishes. Shaadi Bliss provides you the opportunity to have mesmerizing wedding on a luxury cruise amidst the beautiful sea or backwaters. If you've been loved waterbodies, and have fantasized spending your days the midst of the blue waters with the wedding bells ringing in the background, the cruise weddings can be a truly wonderful experience for you. We offer you various kinds of these packages to make this special wish of yours come true.

Perhaps there is nothing better than exchanging the wedding with your loved partner in the midst of the blue sea. You can choose from a variety of cruise wedding packages as per your preferences. The present-day facilities and services matched with warm hospitality will truly make your wedding ceremony charming and unforgettable. In most cases, these cruise packages range from single day to two day packages. Our package is inclusive of lodging, dining, and entertainment. In addition, you can also opt for local sightseeing trips to the popular destinations.

So, sail amidst the deep blue seas, and make your wedding come alive with the waves!

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