Who We Are

We are a specialized and certified wedding planning agency that offers end to end wedding services. We have proven expertise in organizing all kinds of Indian weddings. Since our inception, we have provided wonderful services to our clients, and have earned accolades. Your accolades are our real strength to improve our services more and more as we move forward. These accolades have also helped us create a goodwill in the market, that we intend to take forward more and more. Our team consist of some of the most high profile wedding planners to take care of your wedding. They discuss with you and get an idea of all your requirements and preferences, and accordingly plan for the best services possible. Starting from organizing a great wedding venue to taking care of the dining arrangements for the guests, we take care of almost every detail of a wedding ceremony. The fee is affordable and based on the type of facilities and service that you wish to have. Nevertheless, you always ensure that you pay a fee that doesn’t exceed your budget.

About Us

We are one of the premier wedding planning agencies that provide all kinds of wedding services. We specialize in Indian weddings, such as Punjabi marriages, Bengali marriages, Sikh marriages, South Indian marriages, and lots more. Our expert wedding consultants take care of all your wedding plans, starting from sending invitations, arranging a wedding venue, food and beverages, and organizing the whole wedding ceremony. While arranging these wedding parties, we take care of all aspects, ranging from the customs and conventions to fun and enjoyment.

If you want your wedding to be a touch above the above and a bit different, we have that for you too! In addition to the conventional wedding services, we also specialize in arranging exotic wedding ceremonies like beach weddings, romantic destination weddings, cruise weddings, royal wedding, and customized theme wedding.

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Our Vission

Our vision is to gift a wonderful wedding experience to our clients, that they always cherish in the coming years. With this aim in mind, we have set to become of one of the best wedding planners. We always strive to provide the best services to you. We also take the suggestions and feedback of our clients seriously and strive to continually improve our services.

We understand that your wedding is one of the most special events of your life, and so we try to strive to the level to make that occasion special. From the smallest events of your wedding to arranging the grand wedding party, we look forward to make everything memorable. We also take utmost care to ensure that all events adhere to the wedding practices, customs and conventions. It is a blend of traditional customs with social enjoyment.

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Our Goals

Our main motto is to gift you a great wedding! Although a wedding ceremony seems to be special, it comes with lots of arrangement and responsibilities. This is exactly where we strive to help. We take all those responsibilities from it and arrange everything on your behalf. This way, you just can put aside all the worries and concentrate on your wedding.

From arranging the right wedding venue to taking care of the minute preparation of a marriage, we do everything on your behalf. We believe in happy marriages and look forward to make it happier and hassle free. The blessings you earn will help us earn accolades to improve our services and become the best wedding planning agency in town.

Few Words from Founder / wedding planner

What I love about my job: As a wedding planner, seeing all the details come together on the wedding day and the result of that on the couple & their families during such a heartwarming time is incredibly rewarding.

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